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Bitcetera Overlay


This is a development overlay which contains a few ebuilds for Gentoo Linux we are working on. All of them are in a flux and not supported, you use them at your own risk!

Some of the ebuilds are mirrored to other overlays or the main tree once they are tested.

Our hardware is based on amd64 and we can't test the ebuilds on other architectures. Please drop us a line with your observations.

See the Git repository for the list of ebuilds available in this overlay.


One-time Preparation

The Bitcetera overlay is available from a Git repository. Thus if necessary install git:

emerge -av dev-util/git

If necessary install layman which will manage overlays for you:

emerge -av layman

Edit the overlay line in /etc/layman/layman.cfg to look something like:


Add the overlay and retrieve the actual overlay data:

layman -L
layman -a bitcetera


Emerging an ebuild from overlays is done the same way as regular ebuilds. Replace {EBUILD} with the actual name (i.e. app-misc/heyu):

layman -S
emerge -av {EBUILD}

This will fail if your architecture is not listed as stable above. You may override this and give it a shot nonetheless. If you are - let's say - on ppc and would like to try emerging an ebuild with keyword ~amd64, you have to add the following line to /etc/portage/package.keywords:

{EBUILD} ~amd64

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