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Other Gentoo Overlays


Gentoo Overlays host ebuilds which are not (yet) in the main Portage tree of Gentoo Linux. Overlays therefore extend the pool of available ebuilds a big deal while integrating seamlessly with Portage.


The layman utility manages overlay subscriptions. Install it along with Git and Subversion as the actual ebuilds are hosted in repositories.

emerge -av layman git subversion

Now list available overlays and subscribe overlays you would like to use:

layman -L
layman -a {OVERLAY}

Please note that emerge --sync does not implicitly synchronize subscribed overlays as well. You have to do this with:

layman -S


Sunrise Overlay

The Sunrise Overlay contains user contributed ebuilds which are reviewed by Gentoo developers in order to ensure quality standards. We contribute to the following ebuilds:

  • app-misc/heyu
  • dev-ruby/trollop
  • mail-filter/postwhite
  • net-firewall/vuurmuur
  • net-libs/libvuurmuur

Ruby Overlay

The Ruby Overlay contains bleeding-edge ebuilds related to the Ruby programming language. We contribute documentation, do testing and contribute to ebuilds adapted for Gentoo Prefix.

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