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Other Gentoo Prefix Overlays


Gentoo Prefix is “an effort to bring the virtues of Gentoo Linux to users on different operating systems” such as Mac OS X.


The layman utility manages overlay subscriptions, however, make sure you use only overlays which contain ebuilds for Gentoo Prefix. Install it along with Git and Subversion as the actual ebuilds are hosted in repositories.

emerge -av layman git subversion

Now list available overlays and subscribe overlays you would like to use:

layman -L
layman -a {OVERLAY}

Please note that emerge --sync does not implicitly synchronize subscribed overlays as well. You have to do this with:

layman -S


Prefixed Ruby Overlay

The Prefixed Ruby Overlay is no longer necessary as Ruby 1.9 has been merged into the main Gentoo (as of 2009-03-20) and Gentoo Prefix (as of 2009-03-22) trees. If you are currently using this overlay, you should do the following:

layman -d ruby
echo "dev-lang/ruby" >>"${EPREFIX}/etc/portage/package.unmask"
emerge -av ruby

See you again when Ruby goes 2.0.

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