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VPN Router FAQ

Q:Will there be an update for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher?
A:No, VPN Router 1.4.3 is the final version and known to work up to Mac OS X 10.5. It might run on higher versions, too, but if it doesn't, don't ask for an update.
Q:My VPN doesn't show up in VPN Router, why?
A:The VPN default configuration is not accessible by VPN Router, however, just name your configuration and it should work. You do so with System Preferences -> Network -> VPN (PPTP) -> Configuration -> Add Configuration.
Q:My question is not answered here, what can I do?
A:Feel free to send a message. However, it may take a while to answer, so but please be patient. Make a donation if you'd like to give your issue a higher priority.

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