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Freelance Software Development

Our focus lies on the following software ecosystems:

CAcert Assurance

We offer identity assurance for the non-profit CAcert Certificate Authority free of charge. Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Print and fill in two copies of the identity verification form.
  3. Make an appointment using this mail form.

Don't forget to bring along the identity verification form as well as two official documents proving your identity such as passport and driver's license. At least one of them must include a picture of yourself.

For now we can issue up to 55 points.

CAcert is a non-profit certificate authority. Membership and most notably certificates needed to secure websites with SSL-encryption are free of charge.

A growing range of web browsers accept CAcert certificates ex factory, the remaining can be upgraded easily to do so as well.

(We are remaking our web presence and therefore comments are temporary disabled.)