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Archive of 2008

Homemade WLAN Antenna

Build your own directional antenna that will fit any 802.11b or g router. (12/15/2008)
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Postwhite Released

The server-side whitelist policy server for Postfix MTA is now publicly available (07/23/2008)
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Asterisk, Ruby and Growl

Use Ruby to make Asterisk or CallWeaver announce incoming calls on your computer with Growl. (07/14/2008)
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Gentoo Prefix on Mac OS X

Wouldn't it be nice to have Gentoo's Portage manage Open Source software on Mac OS X? Well, dream no longer. (05/08/2008)
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Switched from Subversion to Git

Our switch from Subversion to Git is complete. As of today all repositories are available by use of Git only. (04/28/2008)
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Add the CAcert Root Certificate

Free SSL certificates issued by the non-profit CAcert certificate authority cause warnings on mainstream clients, yet it's not difficult to fix that. (04/27/2008)
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Regex in a Nutshell

Handy and colorful cheat sheet on how to use regular expressions in different programming languages. (04/01/2008)
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Dressed Up

It was about time the Bitcetera webpage got a new outfit. And some new features with it, stay tuned for more. (03/31/2008)
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