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Ruby 1.9.1 on Gentoo Prefix

Ruby has turned to a new page with the release of the first stable Ruby 1.9 yesterday. If you haven’t played around with it already, you should definitely give it a shot and while you’re at it update your gems to run on it. An easy way to install it on your computer is Gentoo Prefix which aims to “to bring the virtues of Gentoo Linux to users on different operating systems” such as Mac OS X. In other words, Gentoo Prefix doesn’t replace Mac OS X but rather compile all your favorite Linux tools and software to run on Mac OS X.

A very nice feature of Gentoo’s package manager is called “slots”. This means that you can have two flavours of certain software installed at the same time, such as Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 1.9. You can use the version you like directly (i.e. /Gentoo/usr/bin/ruby19) or use eselect to switch between the different versions installed:

eselect ruby set ruby19

Gentoo is a Linux source distribution which means that all software is compiled on your computer. This takes a little longer than installing binaries, but comes with the benefit of a very agile distro with generally much more up-to-date software versions (such as ruby-1.9.1_p0 just one day after it’s release) running optimized for your hardware. Here are a few links to important resources:

And here are a few IRC channels on Freenode where you find a bunch of friendly folks in case you run into troubles:

  • #gentoo
  • #gentoo-prefix
  • #gentoo-ruby

(Sven Schwyn)

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