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Archive of 2010

Sendmail via Growl

Display messages e.g. from Cron as Growl notifications. (12/05/2010)
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Cloud Backup

Some tools to backup very essential data to the cloud. (11/30/2010)
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RSS Tips for

You read RSS feeds with Then this is for you. (05/17/2010)
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Stay on Top... Offline

Tips to deal with the flood of news - and Sony PRS-505 oddities. (03/30/2010)
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Mac OS X Tips

A dose of vaccine against terminal frustration. (03/20/2010)
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Limit the greed of quantifiers in Regular Expressions. (03/08/2010)
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From ZenTest to autotest

Today autotest-growl and autotest-fsevent jumped to 0.2.0 - and away from ZenTest. (02/03/2010)
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