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From ZenTest to autotest

Many people install the ZenTest suite only to get the autotest tool and thus carry around quite a bit of overhead. Yet, not any longer! Michael Grosser has released the autotest gem which contains an improved fork of only the autotest tool. (Should you ever need the full functionality of ZenTest, you can always install the zentest gem along with it.)

Following the “only happy developers do proper testing” mantra, the popular autotest-growl and autotest-fsevent gems as of version 0.2.0 released today no longer depend on ZenTest but on Michael’s autotest. Other new feature include support for more platforms and icon sets, see the CHANGELOG for the details.

If you are upgrading from versions prior to 0.2.0, you should uninstall ZenTest or things might show funky behaviour. Please refer to the README for more on this.

(Sven Schwyn)

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