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Lion Fullscreen for TextMate

While some changes in early Mac OS X Lion versions reduce overall usability (e.g. I’d love a more exposĂ©ish Mission Control), the introduction of the systemwide fullscreen mode comes in very handy in everyday use. Wouldn’t it be great to put TextMate into fullscreen mode as well?

But wait, TextMate development has not been particularly agile in recent years and who wants to wait for TextMate 2 in order to see this feature. You could compile your own brew of TextMate from source to get fullscreen, tutorials for this are available in the depths of the interweb. But there’s a much simpler solution.

Thanks to enormego, installing a tiny plugin for TextMate is all it takes. Browse to the EGOTextMateFullScreen page on Github, hit the download button, unzip the file and double-click on the plugin. VoilĂ !

(Sven Schwyn)

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