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Ruby on Rails, PHP, SAP (ABAP) and more ...

Custom-Made Quality Software

The label Bitcetera is synonymous to custom-made quality software in Ruby, PHP and SAP (ABAP) designed by a group of fine software developers. Our products include state-of-the-art solutions for Ruby on Rails, Radiant, TYPO3, Joomla, telephony applications based on Asterisk as well as applications for Linux, Mac OS X and mobile platforms.

The key of quality software lies within it’s maintainability. This is why we focus on clear, well documented and tested programming code (e.g. by means of Behavior Driven Development) to make sure your ideas are not limited by poor implementation.

You are looking for professional freelance developers and consultants in particular for your Ruby project, PHP site or SAP solution? Please get in touch with us and profit from our experience at very interesting rates.


Reach us by either email or other means.

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